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Seniors 2012 {Dallas High School Senior Photographer}

Let’s face it, senior photos are not like they use to be.  Or at least they shouldn’t be.  Remember the cheesy photographer who’d put up a styrofoam number of the year you graduated or propped up a ladder for you to lean against?  Well, maybe not you but your parents.  But you remember those photos, right?

Senior photos have evolved into more of a fashion shoot with images that you will be happy to have down the road.   With me as your senior photographer, you can expect a fun, no pressure shoot with images you will fall in love with!  You can call, text or email me at any time before your shoot for clothing, hair and accessory ideas.  Additionally, all seniors will receive a 33 page PDF containing tips to make your session the best it can be!

And if your interested in applying to be a Senior Model complete the application HERE for further information.  I hope to hear from you soon!

what to wear seniors girls blog Seniors 2012 {Dallas High School Senior Photographer}

Dallas Senior Photographer

pixel Seniors 2012 {Dallas High School Senior Photographer}

Jenna - “Styrofoam number”—-hahaha so lame! You had me laughing on that one. Wish I was a senior nowadays b/c things sure are 10x better!

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