21 Day Fix Challenge Group – May 25

21 Day Fix

Our next 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme Challenge Group is starting May 25th!  The Challenge Groups are held in private groups on Facebook.

Challenge Groups (another word for accountability group!) are a great way to workout at home and have daily support from me as your Beachbody Coach, other Beachbody Coaches in the group and other participants just like you!

For more information on how to join head to my Challenge Pack page and choose to purchase the 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack or 21 Day Fix Extreme Challenge Pack.

If you are just beginning your fitness journey I would recommend the regular 21 Day Fix Challenge Package.


3 Day Refresh by Beachbody

What is the 3 Day Refresh?

In just three days, Beachbody’s 3-Day Refresh is engineered to clean your body quickly while keeping you full, and giving you more energy than you’ve ever had before! Unlike any other “cleanse” you may have tried, 3-Day Refresh was created to make your body full so that you can easily go about your day, and even get your workouts in.

With the 3-Day Refresh, you can expect to see a flatter belly, reduce your cravings for carbs, sugars, chocolates, and your clothes will fit better.

What Does 3 Day Refresh Include?

Shakeology for Breakfast (3 packets)

Shakeology will be your main source of incredible nutrition. Packed with supergreens and superfruits, Shakeology will make you feel amazing right when you wake up! Many of your bodies vital organs have been deprived of key vitramins, amino acids, pro and pre biotics for years. Shakeology will restore your body quickly to it’s ultimate state.

Vanilla Fresh Shakes for Lunch and Dinner (6 Packets)

20 grams of plant based protein is packed into this delicious shake, as well as 22 essential vitamins, minerals, and more. These shakes will curb your appetite further and ensure you get all the muscle building protein you need.

Daily Fiber Sweep (3 Packets)

An important part of the 3 Day Refresh is to clean your stomach of all the “junk” that has been deposited in it. The 3 Day Refresh Fiber Sweet uses a combination of whole ground flax, chia, and psyllium seed husks to gently clean your stomach, restoring it to it’s natural state.

3-Day Refresh Results

Results with the 3 Day Fresh have been amazing. Many people loose up to 5 pounds. Not only will your weight loss results with the refresh be incredible, but you will also likely lose inches from your hips and waist.

For more information check out this VIDEO or Shoot me an email.

Ready to order?

Order Here for the 3-Day Refresh with Shakeology

Order Here for the 3-Day Refresh without Shakeology

Order here for the 3-Day refresh Challenge Pack


Cize – Shaun T


Have you seen the AMAZING new workout by Shaun T? CIZE (like exercise)! I CAN’T WAIT! I secretly wanted to be a back up dancer when I was younger.


Beachbody will select one winner from those who enter their name in the Team Beachbody email collector to be notified as soon as CIZE becomes available to order.


21 Day Fix – Workouts and Meal Plans by Autumn Calabrese

21 Day Fix

What is the 21 Day Fix?

In simple terms the 21 Day Fix is 21 days of 30 minute per day workouts and portion controlled meals.  You don’t have to count calories!

What does the meal plan look like?

Nutrition is about 70-90% of your results (depending on who you ask!).  The 21 Day Fix comes with color coded food portion containers.   No counting calories, macros or anything else.  You eat what fits into the containers according to the food groups.

What about treats?

Treats are allowed up to 3 times per week.  These include chocolate and wine!

What is Shakeology and how is it incorporated?

Shakeology is the most nutrient dense, complete nutrition shake on the market.   It is not really a protein shake or a weightloss shake.  It is made up of over 70 super foods ground down from their original form.  There are no added sugars, artificial sweeteners, dyes, heavy metals or preservatives.   All of the ingredients used are directly from mother nature.  You can read more about Shakeology HERE.

On the 21 Day Fix, Shakeology counts as a red (protein) container.

What are the workouts?

The workouts are 30 minutes per day that include the warm up, workout and then cool down.   There is a modifier in each workout that you can follow as well.

The workout titles are:

  • Total Body Cardio Fix
  • Upper Fix
  • Lower Fix
  • Pilates Fix
  • Cardio Fix
  • Dirty 30
  • Yoga Fix

How do I order?

You can order the 21 Day Fix or 21 Day Fix Extreme from the photo links below.








I’ve Ordered, so now what?

Email or message me on Facebook to get added to my upcoming Challenge Group!